• Company

  • TECNOFORM was founded in 1952, we are specialised in drawing and stamping small metal parts in series.

  • Excellence

  • Excellence in the work, innovation and painstaking service are the values that have made our company a benchmark for reliability in satisfying customer requirements.

  • Innovation

  • We place constant technological innovation at the service of competitiveness and customer satisfaction. Our work is based on ongoing improvement, the ability of our team, and our technical skills, quality, production and service.

  • Cooperation

  • Our commitment to improve pledges us to our customers.

      • Personalised service, commitment and involvement in the client's needs and objectives.

      • Collaboration in the development of designs by our customers.

      • Rapid response to emergencies and unforeseen technical, production and customer service needs.

      • Management of order planning in accordance with the specifications of each client.

      • Control of products until they are received by clients on their premises.

      • Attention, effectiveness and speed in addressing claims.

      • Provide knowledge and experience in technology and processes.

      • Innovation capacity and competitiveness.

Tecnoform S.A.
Puig de les Vinyes, 7
08570 Torelló (Barcelona)
Tel. +34 938 596 484 - Fax. +34 938 596 485
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